seminars and reviews

Recently I attended a teeth whitening seminar. It was an illuminating experience. I realized how much care people put into their teeth and it’s appearance. I should start taking care of my teeth much more. It showed me an insight into the world of dentistry and the amount of money spent on teeth each year.

I didn’t realize our teeth are our only bones exposed. Not only are they exposed but they are in contact with the most foreign objects, food. We ingest all kinds of food, usually not knowing what’s actually in there. and we shove it in our mouth and chew it up. No wonder we have dental problems nowadays.

Our teeth aren’t that used to this much sugar and food this often. We should be brushing more often. Once a teeth is decayed, it is decayed. we can only replace it with something fake.

I also met an amazing dentist¬†who told me how much care she gives and receives from her patients. it’s a beautiful thing. Never take for granted the care of your dentist and the love and care they need in return. the dental industry is a beautiful place.

Having great teeth is a great indicator of health and longevity. The better we take care of our teeth the longer we’ll end up living. Which I think is a fascinating view of longevity. We’ve been digging deep into hormones and genes but if we don’t take care of the small stuff, teeth, we won’t live that long anyway.

I just flossed right now. I think flossing more than once a day is important. just think of all the gunk stuck in your teeth right now. I keep a packet of floss right next to my bed at all times now.

Thank you for reading my review of the teeth whitening summit. it was enlightening.

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